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English for Communication 1 0

English for Communication 1

This book aims at assisting the college students in learning English for Specific Purposes in the classroom. The topics are related to general topics with a variety of integrated exercises exploring four language skills...

Program Penerbitan Buku Polinema Press Tahun 2021 0

Program Penerbitan Buku Polinema Press Tahun 2021

Jenis buku yang diterbitkan Polinema Press tahun 2021 : Buku teori / buku ajar Buku praktikum Buku monografi Buku referensi dsb… Ketentuan untuk draft buku adalah sebagai berikut : Draft buku belum pernah diterbitkan...



Bioprocess is a branch of Science of Chemical Engineering related to the design and construction of production processes involving biological agents and producing a product on a factory scale. So, the bioprocess has a...